If you get an "Insufficient Funds" response from Revenue, it means that your TAN account does not have enough funds to meet duty or VAT payments. Your goods will be held until Revenue can take this payment.

If you receive an insufficient funds message and you want to get your goods moving quickly, the fastest way to do so is to top up your TAN account by credit or debit card. This top up occurs instantly. Revenue checks your account every 15 minutes to see if funds have appeared. When they do, your declaration should move to a "Green Routing." We have seen the time to update the routing to take up to an hour.

You can also top up by bank transfer. However, this funds can take up to two days to get to your TAN account. Even with Revenue will checking your account every 15 minutes, your declaration won't move to a "Green Routing" until funds appear in yoru account.

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