This error is the result of not including specific required codes when importing used or new motor vehicles.

The error will appear on Declaron as: "For the declared country of origin (DE 5/15 Country of origin code), TARIC code (DE 6/14 Combined Nomenclature code and DE 6/15 TARIC code) and additional codes (DE 6/16 Taric Additional Code and DE 6/17 National Additional Commodity Code) at least one of the following certificates is required".

This error is related to the requirement to enter a 1D97 Code followed by the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or, if applicable a 1Q75 Waiver Reference, provided by revenue. The 1D97 or 1Q75 can be added to your Product Master List (PML). (see screenshot below)

The VIN number is unique to the Vehicle and needs to be added for each car. You can use one declaration for more than one car. You can add the VIN number when in your import declaration at the Product stage (see below):

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